Sunday, 28 December 2008

iplayer on Acer Aspire one A110

seems you need to install rpm-build to be able to install the adobe air 1.5 on the a110L.

the bbc iplayer will then install but does not seem to download anything hmm wonder what else is missing/broken.

Update: since found that XFCE is not supported for the AIR runtime :(

Friday, 31 October 2008

PS 3 problems

last friday my copy of bioshock for the ps3 arrived. had a good night playing it until the Blu ray drive packed in, a quick phone call to sony on saturday morning and it was arranged for a replacement recon unit to be delivered on friday morning.

the recon unit arrived this morning and all seems well. apart from i seem to have lost the saves which i copied from the old hard drive :(

Thursday, 10 April 2008

BBC iplayer and Xbox 360

There seems to be some news around that you cannot watch bbc iplayer on the 360. Just install the i player on your PC then stream it to the 360 with media center (vista or MCE). the only problem i had with it was the security permissions need changing to allow the mcx1 (the system account that the 360 accesses the pc as)system account access to the download video file.

Not sure but if you install the MCE web browser you maybe able to select and download the video from the bbc site, then you only need to change the permissions on the video file, i have try changing some of the permissions groups and running different bits under different accounts but have not got around it yet, probably something really easythat i have missed.

Monday, 21 January 2008


Just picked up my ticket for Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany and Dark Tranquility in London. They should both be good experiences in what seems to be a very slow year for Gigs, Normally there are a number of shows coming up in the early months of the year, as a start of the run up to the summer festivals.