Tuesday, 28 December 2010

adding google bookmarks from ipad/iphone safari

Just worked this out based on the tweet this options in tweetings for tweeting from inside safari.

if you create a new bookmark to any page then edit the address of the bookmark to contain the following:


change the title of the bookmark to something like "add to google bookmarks"

now when you want to add a page to google bookmarks you can just press the new bookmark and you will be presented with the add a google bookmark form, complete this and press add and you are done.

press back a few times to get back to the page you were viewing.

update: just found a similar way of doing it that was already posted on a forum which works better, see it here

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Of snow and errors

The snow kind of messed up the plan for today so ended up working on my android app.

Released an update to Droid 2 CAD to deal with an error report that came back from marketplace and to make the app more user friendly.

If GPS is disabled the user is now prompted to turn it on as well it some checks are now carried out to make sure required data exists before other functions will run.

I used the code posted on stackoverflow.com to create a dialogue box if the GPS is disabled. The dialog code is posted here

Friday, 17 December 2010

GPS Android Application

Finally published what was GPS2CAD to android marketplace. I had just pressed publish when i googled gps2cad and found there a is commercial application already called this. So i have renamed my app to Droid 2 CAD. Unfortunately the android app sites seem to still have the record of it's earlier name but hopefully these will drop of shortly.
Chalk that one up to experience I guess.

Apologies if this has caused any confusion.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Autocad WS

you cad now download autocad WS from apple's app store for the ipad. this can read DXF files that are witten by gps2cad which can be transfered to the ipad via email or dropbox.

time for some more work on gps2cad i think.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


A few weeks ago I released my first Application onto the Android Marketplace. I thought that i would get a few downloads but not many, the application I published is a very basic calculator useful only to RF aerials engineers. But at time of writing I have had 98 downloads with around 50% of those still installed and active.
This does make me want to carry on writing apps and releasing them. I have a few tweaks to make then i plan to release my GPS2CAD app and see if anyone can make use of it. it is based on the google notepad tutorial code but allows you to take points and then then export them as a dxf file for use with CAD software. I have posted about it before, i when i wrote it i was excited about using the GPS to create CAD data but over estimated the accuracy of the GPS in the phone, so i will release it and see if i get any feedback if i do, i may carry on working on it.