Tuesday, 14 December 2010


A few weeks ago I released my first Application onto the Android Marketplace. I thought that i would get a few downloads but not many, the application I published is a very basic calculator useful only to RF aerials engineers. But at time of writing I have had 98 downloads with around 50% of those still installed and active.
This does make me want to carry on writing apps and releasing them. I have a few tweaks to make then i plan to release my GPS2CAD app and see if anyone can make use of it. it is based on the google notepad tutorial code but allows you to take points and then then export them as a dxf file for use with CAD software. I have posted about it before, i when i wrote it i was excited about using the GPS to create CAD data but over estimated the accuracy of the GPS in the phone, so i will release it and see if i get any feedback if i do, i may carry on working on it.

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