Sunday, 6 October 2013

MineCraft: Pi Edition Java Api

I saw a recent post on Raspberry Pi Spy about the Pi edition of MineCraft having a python API and thought it might be fun to play with. After installing, it seems it also has a Java Api which closely follows the Python. The next question was what to write, always a sticking point. I decided upon flipping things on their head a little and have a joystick in MineCraft control my trusty PiBot (I've tried to control it with everything else why not this). Hitting one of the blocks via a right click would launch the Bot into action.

The Bot is controlled by a Web service, so no changes were needed from the code previously written to talk to an android tablet.

The Api includes some examples written by Daniel Frisk along with a Javadoc and Martin O'Hanlon has written some good Python tutorials on his blog

My resulting code can be found at

and the Pibot code is at


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