Saturday, 2 March 2013

First run for Raspberry Pi Bot

First test run for my Raspberry Pi powered bot inspired by cymplecy's blog  ( I found the magician chassis on a hobby site and was then directed to the blog by a friend.  cymplecy used Scratch to program the Pi, I have once again gone for the Pi4J library to control the GPIO port from Java code, running inside a Jetty servlet container.

Apart from it's going backwards, not to bad for a first run.

Screenshot from the Android application running on my Nexus 7. The forward and turning speeds can be adjusted and a status is displayed in the lower centre of the screen when a new instruction is sent to the Pi.


Decebal Suiu said...

Congratulations for project. Can you tell me more about hardware used by you in this project? I also, as a java developer, I'm very interested to see some code.

Best regards,

Carl Hughes said...

hi, I have added some links to the code I have on bit bucket in another post. I plan to do a more detailed post on it in the future.