Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ludum Dare Jam 31

On the 5th December I took part in the Ludum Dare 72 Hour Jam. The theme this time was 'Entire Game on one screen'. In the earlier voting rounds the theme of 'Snowman' had been popular and we spent Friday night up to the announcement looking for ideas based around this. Then at 02:00 Saturday morning the theme was revealed and we had to come up with another idea. After sleeping on it, it was decided to do a Beat 'em up style game of children against Snowmen (I had found some pictures on Pinterest which we really liked and wanted to use in the game)

I was joining @Garethiw and @gredgie , The plan was that I would come up with the sound and other areas that were normally rushed near the end of their previous Jams. As Eddie Izzard put it  when talking about his Clarinet playing in a band, I would be doing 'the bits that were left over'.

So we had a theme and off we went. Garethiw wrote all of the game code in Unity and Gredgie created the graphics, while I came up with sound effects, some of the UI and the bodycount scoreboard scripts. Our work was committed to Github which seamed to work well apart from some issues with prefabs.

I had great fun over the weekend especially when creating the voices for some of the creatures in the game. As with my previous entry I marvel at the ability of my friends and that they let me join them.

Gameplay footage

Time lapse of the weekend

You can play our entry at the links below.


Unity Web player link

Ludum Dare Entry

LD31 Pinterest board

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